The Sky's Not Even the Limit!

Some days, everything seems to go wrong. The power's out the entire day when you need to use the computer. You go to pick up an order and it somehow doesn't exist in their system. Or even now, as I type, there's a crazy fly buzzing around my head, annoying me.

During these times, I have to take a moment. Pause... Take a deeeep inhale and slowly let it out. Take a Moment and pray. 

Pray for Peace. Pray for God's guidance. Pray for help through the troubles. Pray to shut out the devil and the evil thoughts of second-guessing myself. Silencing the, "How am I ever going to..."

We are stronger than we realize. We are more capable than we give ourselves credit for. I've "always wanted to" own my own business. Fear was always holding me back, crippling me from moving forward with my plans. What if I Fail? What if no one wants to buy my stuff? What if...?

There are so many 'What If's' in Life. But Fear is a Liar. We're not made out of fear. We are made out of everything good and right in the world. We are made out of Hope and Promise. Peace and Happiness. We are made out of Love. 

Be Brave. Take the steps even while you are afraid. Even if they are baby steps. Baby steps each day add up!

The only limits we have are the ones we believe we have. Because, as a teacher once advised me, "You are Limitless."  

You only *think* you have a limit. Or limits. Plural. Our Minds, our potential, our imaginations, are Limitless. 

You can go where you'd like. You can do what you've "Always dreamed of...". You can accomplish all you strive to. Of course it will take work. Lots of hard work. Of course there will be moments like yesterday and today where I'm frustrated enough to scream at the vapors and cry in frustration. I'm human. And so are you. No one said it would be perfect. No one said it would be easy.

The only limit(s) you have are the limits you believe. 

So, I say to anyone taking a moment to read this, You Are Stronger Than You Know. Take the chance!! Take the calculated risk. Because Life is Short. And You're Worth It. Believe in Yourself. Believe in your Hopes and Dreams. Write out the steps to accomplish your Goals. Take the Baby Steps while you're afraid. Believe in Magic. Believe in Happily Ever-Afters.

Because, The Sky's Not Even the Limit!



Owner of Daisy in The Sun

P.S. I Believe in You. I'll be cheering you on all along the way!!


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